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The Trading Post Ep. 3 : Mike D. Sofa King Raw

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For the 3rd installment of the Trading Post. Tim & I spent a whole day with Mike D of Sofa King Raw. We discussed music promotion, artist management, his influences and food.

Hosted by Tim Rodrigues
Filmed & Edited by Johnny F. Kim
Trading Post logo designed by Luca Bernardino

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The Trading Post 2011

The Trading Post is a new web series featuring conversations with some of the personalities that help make up the City of Montréal. Montréal is full of talented individuals that contribute to the Culture, Economy and Energy of the city, as well as contributing to the future of their respective fields. Derived Thread and SHOT BY JFK are proud to share these conversations with you.

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War on Kleptocracy

Alternative media coverage of the March for the Alternative on the 26th March…’War on Kleptocracy’

“For decades we have enjoyed creating money for nothing, you have accepted paying interest on this money as if this was normal and rational. We implore you to continue to support our fraudulent system which is depriving you of real wealth. Do not investigate the fractional reserve banking system or the fiat currency system. Do not think about your future or your child’s future. Thinking is difficult, please return to watching TV it is much easier than thinking”

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