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How to Get the Best Foreign Exchange Rates When Traveling Overseas

Research Market Rates Ahead-of-Time

There are many steps to getting the best foreign exchange rates when traveling overseas. It begins by doing your research. Check out online and printed material for foreign exchange, local economic conditions, and travel tips. If a local area is struggling economically, it may offer you better foreign exchange rates. Compare the local currency price over a year to see dramatically the currency exchange rate changes.

Exchange rate research will provide you with a solid reference point. People will be less likely to scam you when they realize that you are knowledgeable about foreign exchange rates. As you travel, continue to check the currency exchange rates in the newspapers or on the Internet.

Airports, ferries and trains

Airports, train stations, and ferries offer convenience, but usually have slightly higher foreign exchange rates. Another option is to check out the airport rates on the Internet; you can order the local currency online for a better rate and pick it up at the airport – combining convenience and price. Train stations and ferries will tend to have more limited hours of operations.


Exchanging your home currency for local currency before you travel is one viable option. In the country you visit, there will also be foreign exchange banks that serve individuals and businesses that need foreign exchange services.

Other Foreign Exchange Options

Some high-traffic tourist areas may have expensive foreign exchange rate services at smaller shops and larger stores.

Sometimes, hotels offer decent foreign exchange rates as a service to their customers. You could receive a money transfer while you are overseas; it is cheap, safe, and fast. The best foreign exchange rates can be found at banks and post offices. Gift cards or travelers checks are also options.

Some local exchange services charge up to 25% for currency exchange. Shop around, compare two to three rates before completing your foreign currency exchange transaction.

Foreign Exchange Brokerage

Foreign exchange brokerage firms buy contracts in large volumes at attractive rates. These highly-trained professionals are experts at trading international institutes. They usually offer better rates than banks, but also have higher fees.

Different Foreign Exchange Rates

You may run into a number of different rates: "official," "local," "market," "buy," and "sell." Be careful, some shops will quote one rate to attract your attention, then they will tell you that you only qualify for the higher rate.

When there is a "local" foreign exchange rate that is different from the government's "official" rate, you can usually get a better deal. Some good rates only apply when large amounts are replaced.

Credit Cards

Going through a bank for the foreign exchange rate can offer the best rates and lowest fees. When consumers use a debit or credit card, their banks will give them the same foreign exchange rate that banks charge each other. Some banks and credit card companies will charge fees of up to 3% on all purchases made with the currency.

Before you travel, do your research into your financial institution's most current policies, rates, and fees for exchanging foreign currency.

Some travelers purchase a debit card, special credit card or cash passport for voyages overseas with low or no fees on foreign exchange. These are safer than cash. Be careful, because these cards have special rules.

You can avoid some ATM fees by using your credit or debit card for large purchases – housing, travel and food.

Additional Fees

Many additional fees could be charged when you use a credit card overseas:

1. Foreign exchange "load" fee (currency conversion fee) 2. Cash withdrawal fee 3. Interest charge on balance 4. Handling fee.

There might be other commissions, surcharges, and fees that may apply. Flat rates and minimum amount restrictions may also apply. Calculate the net foreign exchange rate after all transactions are added. Be careful of "commission-free" offers because they will usually provide a less competitive exchange rate.

Beware of "dynamic currency conversion," promises; venders will offer to charge your fees denominated in your home currency, the AUD, while you are in the in the foreign country. This might sound good, but the fees are usually excessively high. When in a new locale, you should get used to pricing everything in the local currency.


Automated Teller Machine (ATM) networks have grown worldwide. If you have an account with a major bank that is part of an extensive network, then you might be able to withdraw the local currency from the ATM wherever you go. This will allow the bank at home to perform the conversion.

The money you withdrawal will be in the local currency. It is wise to withdraw larger lump sums because there might be 1 to 3% ATM fee charged. There may also be a "daily withdrawal limit."

You could check out ATM, credit card, or airline websites to see if their facilities are available where you go. There are frequently affiliations, combinations and links to large networks of financial services between these groups – for example, the American Express Qantas credit card.

Discuss all relevant rates and policies with your bank before you travel.

Exchange Rate Calculator

The Exchange Rate Calculator will help you calculate the "most competitive market rates" by finding the mid-point between buy and sell rates for large transactions. Exchange rates can change quickly.

Having a small calculator can help you figure the exchange rate; it will also make you look more serious to others. You can also go onto the World Wide Web to find an Exchange Rate Calculator.

Tips for Getting the Best Foreign Exchange Rates When Traveling

Getting a small amount of the local currency before you travel makes sense since the local airport, bank, or exchange service may be closed when you arrive. You may need an emergency cash source for purchasing something en route: a snack, umbrella, or taxi ride.

Plan your budget ahead-of-time. Large cities will offer more options for foreign currency exchange. You will probably need to carry some local currency to smaller towns due to fewer foreign exchange options. Avoid exorbitant fees by planning ahead.

Local taxi drivers and hotel employees may know the best places for foreign exchange. If you must exchange one currency for another overseas, make sure you have a well-known currency that will be accepted in the locality you are visiting. Sometimes, wise locations may prefer to actually hold your well-recognized, "more convertible," AUD rather than less-popular local currencies; they might give you a better rate.

Some treaties are not very valuable compared to your higher denominations of AUD. You might be required to bring a small bag to carry the local currency after exchange. Most countries still permit haggling, so show confidence and be patient.

Trust Your Instincts

Beware of black market moneychangers who might be involved in a number of scams, including counterfeiting, theft and shorting you money. They probably will not expect you to count out large amounts of bills. Also, some local banks are crooked; they might think that you will travel before you realize that they have not exchanged the correct amount of money.

If you feel something is not right, you are probably correct – trust your instincts.


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How the Stock Exchange works

Why are there stocks at all?

Everyday in the news we here about the stock exchange, stocks and money moving around the globe. Still, a lot of people don’t have an idea why have stock markets at all, because the topic is usually very dry. We made a short video about the basics of the stock exchanges. With robots. Robots are kewl!

Short videos, explaining things. For example Evolution, the Universe, the Stock Market or controversial topics like Fracking. Because we love science.

If you have a suggestion for future videos or feedback, drop us a line! 🙂

We’re a bunch of Information designers from munich, visit us on facebook or behance to say hi!



How the Stock Exchange works

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Mobile Currency Converters

Mobile Technology Changing Business and Trading
Mobile technology has significantly changed the way people communicate and do business. People are now able to communicate from anywhere with mobile service and mobile technology also allows access to the internet from almost any location. Mobile technology has also changes currency trading. Day traders are no longer limited to a stuffy office and trade currencies while on the go.

Mobile Currency Converters Versatile
Mobile currency converters allow the user to check currency exchange rates from either a predefined list of the most used contracts or a personalized list of treaties currently being traded by the user. Most of them update exchange rates in real time allowing the forex trader to check rates anywhere they happen to be.

Varying Degrees of Sophistication
Many of these mobile applications are available for free and are easily downloaded to cell phones, palm pilots, or blackberries. These open source applications contain various levels of sophistication and are compatible with most of the newer mobile devices. Many mobile applications are designed specifically for travelers and calculate transactions in most treaties instantly.

Mobile applications For Forex Traders
Other mobile currency converters are specifically designed for forex traders. Many of these mobile currency converters have features which allow the user to place market stop, entry, and limit orders, close and open hedge positions, access to live accounts, and offer real time charts and streaming quotes. Many mobile applications also offer the user access to current and commodity markets.

Mobile Currency Converters Offer Convenience
Mobile technology has changed the face of business from marketing to currency and stock trading. The convenience offered to traders by mobile applications means that no longer will day traders be limited to sitting in from a pc to check current currency quotes or trade contracts online. In the future we will be reviewing some of them and how well they perform.


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