Cryptocurrency Trading Bots Do Opposite of What The Masses Want For Altcoins

Cryptocurrency Trading Bots Do Opposite of What The Masses Want For Altcoins

The Trading Bots appear to be doing the opposite of what the masses are expecting. If the masses think we are going bearish the bots, send Bitcoin up, if the masses think we are going on a bull run, they send us back. This is that euphoria we have to be on the look out with cryptocurrency, altcoins and Bitcoin.

* This is not professional financial advice and all investors should do their own research.*
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Kid’s Luau PARTY Haul | Oriental Trading Company , Dollar Tree & Hobby Lobby

In this video I share a haul for my daughters’ upcoming Luau party! This is sort of their un-birthday party since they both have winter birthdays and never get to do anything fun outside. I am having a great time planning this party for them and I can’t wait to show you the finished result. Stay tuned for the next video where I show you how I decorated for the party!

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FX Regulation

Once known as the “Wild West of Trading,” the Forex market faces new rules designed to protect retail FX investors. is India’s first e-commerce initiative in the retail foreign exchange and international money transfer space. We offer our customers a full suite of forex products consisting of currency notes, prepaid travel cards, traveler’s cheques, demand drafts and wire transfers in an inexpensive and convenient way. Customers can buy forex for several purposes such as Personal Travel, Business Travel, Education, Emigration, Employment, Medical, and Maintenance of closed relatives staying abroad. operates as a market place for foreign exchange. We partner with select Banks and reputed exchange companies to fulfill the forex requirements of our customers in more than 105 cities (over 5000 locations) across India. Our website sifts through the quotations of our different channel partners in real-time and provides customers with the best exchange rate that is available in their area.
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Bitcoin: Currency of the Future or Investment Mania? Bill Miller’s Transformative Innovation Case

After extensive research on digital currencies, legendary value investor Bill Miller has decided Bitcoin has passed enough tests to potentially reshape the global currency markets. He explains why and describes his investment approach. WEALTHTRACK #1426 published December 13, 2017.

Bitcoin Will Be World Reserve Currency + The Future Is Bright!

Bitcoin Will Be World Reserve Currency + The Future Is Bright!

When will Bitcoin become the Reserve Currency of the World?
Between The Political Uncertainty in the World + the United States, along with the confidence Bitcoin is giving both traditional & institutional investors, will Bitcoin & Crypto Be the New Reserve Currency of the World? The Future Is Bright, but we have to grow through adolescence first! Let’s discuss 🙂

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How To Add International Currencies To WooCommerce? (WordPress) Learn how to change currency and add custom currency options to WooCommerce in your WordPress website.
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Malaysia Currency

MYR or Malaysian Ringgit is the financial Malaysia currency code issued by their national bank, Bank Negara Malaysia.

MYR is divided into 100 sen, which is equivalent to centavos.

Its history traces back from June 12, 1967 when the Malaysia Dollar replaced Malaya and British dollar as the main currency of the country. The term ringgit pertained to the jagged edges of the silver Spanish dollars, which was widely available during the Portuguese colonial time. Initially, the Malaysia currency was referred to as dollar and cents, but has adapted the name ringgit and sen during the early 1990s.

Initially, there was an agreement between Singapore, Brunei and Malaysia on the interchangeability of the their currencies. Until May 8, 1973, the Malaysia ringgit was exchangeable with Singapore and Brunei dollar. Malaysia broke off from this agreement since then.

The first collection of the coins in sens or centavos was introduced in 1967. The usual denominations were 1, 4, 10, 20 and 50 sen and were then followed by 1 ringgit coin.

Malaysian national bank, Bank Negara Malaysia issued the Malaysian dollar banknotes in June 1967. The common denominations were 1, 5, 10, 50 and 100 dollars, while the 1000-dollar bill was issued in 1968. The Malaysian dollar bills bear the picture of Tuanku Abdul Rahman, the first head of the state of Malaysia.

Automated Teller Machines usually dispense RM50 (or Malaysia Ringgit) with some RM10 notes. There is a color code being followed by the Malaysia Ringgit bills.

RM1 is in blue color, RM2 in lilac (but this has been out of circulation nowadays), RM5 is in green color, RM10 is in red, RM20 in brown, RM20 in or white (also out of circulation), RM50 in blue/grey, RM100 in violet, RM500 in orange (out of circulation), and RM1000 in either blue or green (but has also been out of circulation).

The first series of the Malaysia banknotes appeared in 1967, and had the image of Kijang Emas imprinted at the back, while the front had the image of Tuanku Abdul Rahman. The second series was issued in 1982 and bore more ornamental designs that depicted the culture and traditions of Malaysia. The third series came out in 1996 and is still being currently circulated. The fourth series came out recently in 2008.

Learn more about Malaysia Currency. Stop by where you can find out all about Malaysia Currency and what it can do for you.

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What are Swap Points – Accounting and Finance for Bankers (for JAIIB Examination)

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Welcome to the course International Finance – A Comprehensive Study.
In this course, you will learn about the International Finance and its related aspects covering
a) What are Forex Rates?
b) What is Bid / Ask / Swap / Spread?
c) How to compute Depreciation / Appreciation of Currencies?
d) Why Foreign Currency Rates Fluctuates?
e) What are Foreign Exchange Risks?
f) How to hedge Foreign Currency Transactions through Forward Contracts, Future Contracts and Option Contracts.
This course is structured keeping Professional course students in mind like CA / CPA / CFA / CMA / MBA Finance, etc.
This course will equip you for approaching those professional examinations. This course is presented in simple language with examples. This course has video lectures (with writings on Black / Green Board / Note book, etc). You would feel you are attending a real class.
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This course consolidates my other courses on Forex namely
• Forex Basics
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What are the requirements?
• Students should have basic knowledge on Accounting and Financial Management
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• Over 37 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
• Understand Basics of International Finance
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• Understand International Capital Budgeting Methods
What is the target audience?
• This coursed is structured keeping Professional course students like CA / CPA /CMA / CFA / MBA (Finance) in mind.
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What is Forex Currency Swap - Forex Trading Guide - What is Forex Swap ?

This is the most important thing to note on how to trade Forex for beginners.

The purpose of a currency swap is to allow sums of a specific currency to be designated in a different currency without the risk of loss that’s normally attached to exchanges.

Gain the Ultimate Winning Edge in Your Forex Trading-

Improve your trading skills with professional forex trading simulator

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If you’re new to trading currencies on the foreign exchange market (forex), you might be wondering what a “currency swap” is. Well, the first step towards to dominating trading and turning a profit is to understand the mechanics, including currency swaps. To learn more about currency swaps and other financial instruments used in forex trading, keep reading.

Currency Swap: the Basics

When speaking in the context of forex trading, a currency swap occurs when two parties exchange currencies for a specified length of time, only to reverse the transaction later. The purpose of a currency swap is to allow sums of a specific currency to be designated in a different currency without the risk of loss that’s normally attached to exchanges. Large companies often use this technique to maintain and manage funds of varying currencies.

Note: currency swap is the most common type of forward instrument used on forex trading. Whether you’re a newcomer to forex trading or a seasoned investor, you’ll need to learn the nuances of currency swap to succeed.

Legs of Forex Swap

Swaps performed on forex have two “legs:” a spot transaction and forward transaction. When a swap occurs, these two legs are executed for the same currency amount, allowing them to offset themselves. Because forex trading occurs when two or more companies have a currency that the other party needs, it mitigates the risk associated with trading. An alternative to this trading technique is a forward-forward, in which both transactions are scheduled and agreed upon for forward dates.

Other Forex Financial Instruments

Of course, currency swap isn’t the only financial instrument used in forex trading. Others may include the following:

• Spot – 2-day transaction that’s opposite of future contracts. In addition to currency swaps, spot trading is one of the most common types of trading performed on forex.
• Forward – in a forward trade, money does not exchange between the parties until a future date has been agreed upon.
• Swap – see above.
• Futures – standardized forward contracts that are traded for this very purpose. Most future contracts have a 3-month length on average and are typically inclusive of interest.
• Option – last but not least, an option is when the owner has a right to exchange money as one currency into a different currency at an agreed rate on an agreed date.

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