The Best Mobile Day Trading Setup For Digital Nomads! WATCH THE END ;)

The Best Mobile Day Trading Setup For Digital Nomads! WATCH THE END ;)

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I always get asked what the best mobile day trading setup is for digital nomads and traveling day traders .. So here you go! this is what I am currently using.. but its seriously a HUGE pain in the you know what do carry around!

What am I using in my day trading station?

Dell xps 9560
Dell Ultrathin 27″
Asus MB16ac Usb c mobile monitor
Bontend tablet mount
Roost Laptop stand
Logitech MX mouse
Microstoft studio mouse
Logitech 920 webcam

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What is Futures Contract in Currency?

In finance, a futures contract (more colloquially, futures) is a standardized contract between two parties to buy or sell a specified asset of standardized quantity and quality for a price agreed upon today (the futures price or strike price) with delivery and payment occurring at a specified future date, the delivery date. The contracts are negotiated at a futures exchange, which acts as an intermediary between the two parties. The party agreeing to buy the underlying asset in the future, the “buyer” of the contract, is said to be “long”, and the party agreeing to sell the asset in the future, the “seller” of the contract, is said to be “short”. The terminology reflects the expectations of the parties—the buyer hopes or expects that the asset price is going to increase, while the seller hopes or expects that it will decrease in near future. Check out Ebook “Mind Math” from Dr. Garg

EB5 Visas: Thailand

This article is written for those of Thai Nationality who are researching the EB-5 Immigrant Investor visa program for the first time.

The EB-5 visa category was created in the 1990s and was designed to provide a travel document to those Immigrants traveling to the United States of America in order to make a substantial investment in an eligible enterprise. The substantial benefit which attaches concurrently with the EB-5 visa is Lawful Permanent Resident status. Lawful Permanent Residence is sometimes referred to as either “Green Card” status or simply “Green Card”. Those who meet the eligibility criteria, receive visa approval, and are admitted lawfully to the USA will receive a Green Card which provides legal residence and the right to work in the USA.

Some have asked this author the question: “Is there any type of Citizenship-by-Investment program in the USA?” The short answer to this question: no. There is no program currently operating which allows foreign nationals to receive near instantaneous Citizenship. However, the EB-5 visa program could be called a “Path to Citizenship by Investment”. This is due to the fact that those who enter the United States on an EB-5 receive Lawful Permanent residence which is one of the requirements that must be met in order to apply for naturalization to American Citizenship. The US naturalization process could prove to be time consuming and difficult. Furthermore, in order to even be eligible for naturalization to US Citizenship a foreign national must meet the statutory physical presence requirement as set forth under relevant United States Immigration law.

Although obtainment of an EB-5 visa might prove to be a boon for foreign nationals around the world the legal eligibility requirements must be met. Such requirements exist separate from the investment and therefore those wishing to obtain an EB-5 visa are well advised to conduct substantial research before making the decision to invest in the USA. In many cases, the EB-5 visa rules require that the foreign national invest a minimum of 500,000 United States dollars into a targeted investment program in order to meet the investment eligibility criteria. It may also be possible to invest in non-targeted programs, but such an investment usually must be a minimum of 1 million US dollars.

There are some who find that the assistance of an American attorney is advantageous as such a professional can provide expertise regarding the overall EB-5 process and also streamline the compilation and filing of the visa petition and/or application. Those individuals who wish to receive a advice in matters related to EB-5 visas are prudent to scrutinize the credentials of those claiming expertise in American Immigration law since only a licensed attorney from the United States is entitled to provide professional advice and counsel regarding US immigration matters.

Benjamin W. Hart, Esq. is an attorney from the USA who handles American Immigration matters in Southeast Asia. Contact: 1-877-231-7533, +66 (0)2-266-3698, or For more please see: EB5 visa or K1 visa .

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What Happens if Bitcoin Becomes the Currency of The Future?

Bitcoin is a digital crypto currency that can be transfered from person to person through the internet without going through a bank. The bitcoin network is secured by people called miners which is a third person that verifies the transaction between a buyer and a seller… every verification is then recorded as a code that is then put onto a public ledger where anyone can review the code, creating the perfect transparency and advanced security.

Now, you might also think that we already have digital currency like paypal or even credit cards, but the difference again is that this currency is completely independent of banks and the government. While credit cards and paypal is digital… it’s still moved as currency that belongs to a certain country without the security or speed to instantly use it across the world without a bank slowing down the process.


So far, the black market on the internet and bitcoin seem to go synonymously like Bill Cosby and leaving your drink unattended…. They both lead up to unwanted illegal activity.

Hackers ransoming companies for bitcoin has been a recent problem where even Disney was hacked and held ransom with the threat of releasing Pirates of the Carribean if Disney didn’t pay their demands in bitcoin. Which is kind of ironic because that’s kind of what real pirates do… minus all the rape, blood shed, and early childhood onset diabetes from their frosted sugary cereals.
However, this is currently based on a system where bitcoin ISN’T the only form of currency… If bitcoin becomes the ONLY form of currency, then it’s a totally different story.
The real nature of bitcoin leaves perfect paper trails and proof of acitivity because of the nature in which bitcoins encode every transaction. Therefore, if no other forms of currency existed, it wouldn’t be as easy to convert and launder the bitcoin into another form of value or currency. Also, if bitcoin were the only currency to exist, countries would probably enforce stricter account creation that ties to a persons real identity, for the sake of preventing tax evasion, so people wouldn’t be able to create anonymous accounts as easily. All purchases would be transparent and THAT puts a real damper on illegal activity.

The darkweb and blackmarket in general would either seize to exist, or have to adapt a new barter system to exchange their goods for something other than money in order to hide their illegal activity… Like, for every photo of an underaged child you buy, you’d have to ship the seller a loaf of bread…. or an equally enticing picture of your younger self.

Keep in mind that the fight against the darkweb isn’t an infringement on your legal rights to purchase things anonymously… I’m not talking about your right to buy korean bootleg dvds or fake iphones… I’m talking about the more serious illegal items like drugs, dangerous weapons, bombs, and every person in Liam Neesons immediate family.

But it is a good question to ask how people would feel then about having all their purchases an open book?


Anonymous spending would seize to exist.
There are definitely benefits to having currency that doesn’t leave a paper trail. Bitcoin did afterall, have a key role in helping anonymously fund WikiLeaks, an outcome that had good results. Also, some people like to do positive things like donate to certain charities, but for some personal reasons, not want to have their name affiliated with an organization with strong political or social ties.
A wife may ask her husband why he’s donated so much money to the LGBT foundation and wonder if it’s the same reason he calls her Chad during foreplay. The Chad…

A poll taken in Britain showed that 70 percent of Britons would not be happy if governemnt agencies had record of their spending… They valued privacy…. But then again… what the fuck does “privacy” with your spending really mean? What are you trying to hide? When someone invites you over to their house and tells you, “Oh, you’re welcome to go into any room… EXCEPT for the one with the sound proof door locked with padlocks and a chain”… your first thought isn’t that it’s a wine cellar… It’s probably a sex dungeon….

But whether it’s a secret human centipede farm, or just a surprise present for your spouse… secret spending would be eliminated for better or for worse.

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