👉 4 DICAS para COPIAR meus trades no FOREX da forma correta!

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Speak, people, beauty? Murilo here, and in today's video I'm going to give you four tips to follow my "trades" in the "Forex".

If you are already following are four very important tips if you plan to start there are also four very cool tips.

So enjoy this video there because I'm sure you'll like it.

Before we start talking about our very important tips in describing the video you have a "link", the first "link", which is the step by step to copy my "trades".

So if you want to copy my "trades" automatically into your account, do everything that I'm doing to your account automatically, first "link" in the description of the video is a step by step.

Beauty? Also, leave your comments, questions, suggestions here in this video so we know What do you think, if you sign up for the channel if you are not already registered for to know more about everything that we are offering to those who follow us.

Beauty? Now speaking of the four tips, I think the first tip is the most important: do not create expectations.

In the month of January 2018 we had a gain of 22.

4%, very cool, but you should not create any kind of expectation of how much you will earn in the coming months: if this will continue this way; if you will win more; if you will gain less; you should not create any kind of expectation.

This is one of the worst things for a trader: creating expectations he can win.

Experienced, successful traders do not create expectations, they live one day at a time.

Every day his agony.

It is not an agony our work, but every day you focus on doing that day your "trades" in the best way possible without creating any kind of expectation of how much you will win in a day, a month, a year, anyway.

We work with statistics, we work with probability and we know that in the long run the tendency is for us to earn much more than we lose and have gains consistent, but we do not create any kind of expectation.

Beauty? Also, this second tip, which is about copying my signals, is very important.

in an effective way: all the "trades" that I "enter" you also enter.

How you do it? There are a few ways.

One of the ways is you hire a "VPS".

I found a "VPS that seems to be the cheapest, I have not, anyway, I'm not affiliate or any of that.

It calls "Cheap Forex VPS", there is also the "link" in the description of the video.

You can pay about $ 3.

99 if you make the longest deal, $ 3.

99 per month in today's values ​​on their website.

I think it's a good one, as I said I'm not affiliated with them, but I think of everyone which I have found so far seems to be the cheapest.

My "VPS".

We developed it inside.

Here internally.

Our team developed there in "Amazon", anyway.

It's different, okay? So I have other alternatives too that I contract, but they are not alternative cockroaches.

Why the "VPS"? "VPS" is a computer in the cloud, as if it were a computer in the cloud, and with that you can copy all the "trades" that I'm doing, that is: imagine that I start to operate at 5 am, here in Lisbon time, Europe time.

So sometimes you are in another country, you do not have the possibility to wake up to turn on your computer, anyway.

If your computer is not connected and connected to the "Meta Trader", the "trades" will not be copied, all this I explain in step by step.

So it is very important that you have this "VPS", have this alternative that is a computer that runs all day, "24h by 7", in the cloud, there you will not overload your computer, anyway.

As I said, I think it's the best alternative this "VPS" of $ 3.

99 in the longest contract, is an interesting alternative for those starting out.

Having the "VPS" you can also, in case you do not want to start with this, you can your computer on.

This is the second tip.

Third tip: follow my signs for at least six months.

Like I said in the first tip I gave in this video, it's not creating expectations.

So give your time time.

Keep copying our signs for at least six months.

Things are starting now.

Give time for things to happen and for six months from now you really have idea of ​​how much you can earn from it.

Beauty? So it's no use seeing you for a month and saying, "Oh, okay, every month will be like this, every month shall be like that.

" I operate "day trade", so we have a very extensive results base, so I I know very well what our volatility is, what our drawdown, but I think it's worth It pitiful you to stay for six months following the signs to realize how things really work.

The fourth tip is for minimum application.

It is very important that you have a suitable minimum application that is consistent with what we are doing there in our signs, there in my "trades".

So for you to copy my trades in a balanced way I think the application minimum is $ 1000.

I think $ 1000 is the ideal amount for you to pay the bills, you pay the "VPS" and stay in a nice.

Let the signals be copied automatically and be super quiet in relation to what is happening.

So I suggest you start with at least $ 1000.

I think with $ 1000 you will not have big problems paying the costs, and it's obvious that in the months when things do not go so well, it will not have an impact there so big on his account.

Let's imagine a month that we stay in the "0x0" because it can happen and should happen, Finally.

Who is a "trader" knows that sometimes this happens.

So let's imagine that we ended the month at "0x0", we could not walk nowhere.

If you have a wallet of $ 1000 and spent $ 30 with signs plus $ 10 with "VPS," you spent U.


$ 40.


Next month this will be diluted, we go there and win and everything is fine, you make up for that cost.

If you have a wallet of $ 500, or $ 400, let's talk to get easier, it gets a bit heavy.

Because? You have a portfolio of $ 400, $ 40 you spent on the costs to maintain that operation, so I think the ideal is to start with $ 1000, because otherwise you'll always being there with the "rope around my neck" will always be at the limit of costs, okay? So I think the fourth tip is this, is you have a minimum application of $ 1000 for everything to be done in a well-balanced, very quiet way.

Beauty? I think that's it.

these are the four most important tips I had to give for you who are wanting to copy our signs.

You have this question of "VPS" is very important.

I know that at the beginning it's a bit difficult, but it's a point that makes your "trades" because you just leave it there, do not worry, it's copying our "trades" and you do not have to worry.

The minimum application is very important too, because there the costs will not such a large impact on your profitability, you will be able to win more and more it is getting thinner.

So when your wallet is $ 5000, that cost will be 1%, which is nothing in the month.

Also, you copy the signs for six months at a minimum.

I think this is the minimum time for you to understand how my strategy works, to understand what the gains are, when we lose and how much we lose.

Of course you'll see.

My "trades" are audited, so everything is open to everyone.

So you can see there that when you lose you lose little and when people wins we tend to win a lot.

However, it is important that you follow these "trades" six months to really understand how it works.

So enjoy it there.

Copy the signs.

Follow all these tips that I'm sure you'll profit in the long run.

Closed? A big hug.

Until the next video.


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👉 4 DICAS para COPIAR meus trades no FOREX da forma correta!


**No link acima você encontra o passo a passo para começar a copiar meus trades no Forex e ganhar dinheiro mesmo que você não entenda nada desse mercado!

Não sou afiliado de nenhum sistema de VPS aqui está um barato e com bons reviews:

Assunto do Vídeo:
Nesse vídeo eu vou explicar quatro dicas muito valiosas para quem quer começar (ou já copia) meus trades no Forex!

As Dicas são:
- Não criar expectativas;
- Copiar realmente todos os trades usando um VPS ou mantendo seu computador ligado;
- Copiar nossos sinais de forex por no mínimo 6 meses;
- Começar com uma aplicação mínima de U$ 1.000,00 (mil dólares americanos)..

Durante o vídeo eu vou explicar porque cada um desses fatores é importante para o seu sucesso nesse mercado!


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