OfferWall by DollarUpload

Our Offer Wall enhances users engagement with incentive offers provided by our

advertisers geotargeting your visitors by country and device/platform. Our offer wall

is a quick non-intrusive part of your users experience. Our solution is the best way

for monetizing all of your users instead of just paying users. Our offer wall is

supported for all users devices and platforms so you can target mobile visitors or

visitors on game platforms such as ps4.

How it works: Users are given the option to complete one or more of the offers

supported by our advertisers in exchange for virtual currency. Our advertisers

require your users to complete a survey, download an app, signup for a website, or

something similar in order to access your content. Our offer wall can bring you more

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We are always finding the best advertisers to ensure you earn the most money for your

mobile game, facebook app, points, tokens, or rewards website. You can earn on

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rates can vary anywhere from .20 cents to 20+ dollars depending on what county your

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all devices and over 240+ countries. Our offer wall is supported for all mobile

platforms as well as standard platforms such as android,iphone,ipad,mac,linux, ps4,

and windows.

Are you the owner of a shiftcode offer wall site or GPT rewards site looking to

install offerwalls? We have postback support as well as statistics inside our

dashboard to show your users clicks,leads, and conversion rates with over 2500 offers

available for your users to complete offers and get paid. Our friendly offerwall can

be customized by size and iframed to exchange virtual currency such as points and

tokens. We also have support for you to postback multiple variables such as usernames

and earnings to your site if you have a custom gpt script using our offerwall

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we highly suggest you check out our offer wall.

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Invest Diva’s Guide to Making Money in Forex: How to Profit in the World’s Largest Market

Price: 00.00
(as of Apr 02,2020 06:27:03 UTC – Details)


Q: Ladies, Do YOU Have What It Takes To Become A Forex Diva?

A: Yes, You Do.

With this incredible new step-by-step guide, investing pro and TV personality Kiana Danial shows you exactly how to understand and take advantage of foreign currency trading.

Years ago, the author discovered that women in Japan were making a fortune trading currencies on the foreign exchange (forex) market. These ladies were not investment professionals or financial wizards; they were ordinary individuals who simply learned how the online currency exchange market works–and mastered it. Now you can do the same. In fact, you’re about to see just how easy it can be to trade on the largest and most liquid financial market in the world.

Kiana Danial spent years studying the habits of investors and discovered that women frequently make smarter, wiser, and less-risky investment choices than their male counterparts. This is precisely why she founded–the woman’s guide to smart, safe, and profitable trading.

By tapping into women’s intuitive knack for multitasking and risk management, the author demonstrates why a woman’s natural skill sets make her uniquely equipped to reap the enormous rewards of this extremely lucrative field. Invest Diva will show you:

  • How the global currency market works
  • Why social, political, and cultural events shape trading
  • The smartest short- and long-term strategies
  • Best practices for navigating the economic calendar

Plus, you’ll learn how to identify investment opportunities and spot trends using the five points of the Invest Diva Diamond:

* Technical Analysis * Fundamental Analysis * Sentimental Analysis * Capital Analysis * Overall Analysis

From her popular blog to her worldwide TV and web presence, Danial has become famous for making complex topics fun and easy to understand via simple, everyday analogies. With Invest Diva, she shows women everywhere the stress-free way to trade currencies–without ever leaving home.

What the Boys of Wall Street don’t want you to know . . .

After years of studying the principles of the foreign currency exchange market, financial expert and financial correspondent Kiana Danial gets to the bottom of today’s most curious investment phenomenon: Why are women suddenly making a fortune trading currencies? The answer is inside this book, along with a roadmap designed to show you how and why forex can work for you.

“Kiana Danial breaks down a sophisticated foreign exchange market with memorable analogies that can help the most financially illiterate person understand and gain passion in following the markets the way Ms. Danial does.” — FAN YANG, CMT, CEO,

“A must-read if you’re considering trading any market or need to know more about trading the forex market. Kiana is an experienced market analyst and a gifted communicator whose book confirms what a lot of men are coming to realize–that women have an edge in trading because they understand the value of analyzing and planning before they risk their time and money.” — JAY NORRIS, founder, Trading University, and author of Mastering the Currency Market and Mastering Trade Selection and Management

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EBS Billy Sheehan Ultimate Signature Drive Pedal

Price: $329.99 - $249.99
(as of Apr 01,2020 18:26:28 UTC – Details)

$329.99 - $249.99

When Billy Sheehan first turned to EBS to create his signature pedal, he needed to capture the essence of his sound in a pedal to serve him when he could not bring his entire rig. It turned out so great, it has been a significant part of his main setup ever since and served thousands of other bass players as well. Now it’s time for the ultimate version!Since the pedal splits the signal into two parallel paths one clean and one with distortion it becomes as if running the sound through two different bass rigs at the same time. The two Clean and Drive Level controls decides how you set the mix and melt the paths together. For a tighter, more defined sound you can engage the built-in compressor. Threshold settings for the compressor can be adjusted inside.A Phase Inverter switch brings back more low-end to the drive channel at times. The Boost footswitch kicks up the drive gain a notch when needed.The new and major feature of the Ultimate version is the Hi or Lo Frequency Filter. This switch moves the whole frequency spectrum of the Tone filter up or down, to extend the capabilities of the pedal. The Hi setting adds a whole new palette of distortion sounds that was not possible to create with previous versions of the pedal. The individual Effect Loops for each channel can be used to color the channels individually with external effects. The Clean Loop jack can also be used as a clean input if you have a bass that features dual outputs. It sounds great if you run the lows through the Clean Loop jack while the mids/highs go through the main input, which leaves the lows untouched and only the higher frequencies treated by the drive. This version has inherited all the features from the Deluxe version (including the possibility to swap the drive chip without the need of soldering). But the palette of sounds you can create is expanded by the new Hi or Lo frequency filter to make it complete.Features:Hi or Lo Frequency SwitchBoost Drive FootswitchPhase Inverter SwitchNominal Input Level – 8 dBv
Input Impedance 700 kohms
Gain Range* Drive 20 – 50 dB
Boost adjustable +3- 10 dB
Tone Filter Range 175 – 8000 Hz in two ranges

Forex Market Masters » ? Conversations with Forex Market Masters – eBook CwFMM

Product Name: Forex Market Masters » ? Conversations with Forex Market Masters – eBook CwFMM

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How do crypto currencies work? – Erik Engheim

<iframe src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen title="How do crypto currencies work? – Erik Engheim”>

You have probably heard about the now infamous digital currency Bitcoin. Involved in crime and major heists of millions of dollars. Are these currencies just a ponzi scheme? Is it as unsafe to use as it seems in the media? This talk will look at how two very different kinds of crypto currencies and payment systems work: Bitcoin and Ripple.

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FIDELO Minimalist Wallet for Men – Slim Credit Card Holder RFID Mens Wallets and Leather Case

Price: $44.90 - $34.90
(as of Apr 01,2020 06:25:31 UTC – Details)

$44.90 - $34.90

➤ RISK-FREE: FIDELO products are backed by 1-year money back guarantee. ➤ RFID BLOCKING TECHNOLOGY: HYBRID Wallets were made from premium SIGNAL BLOCKING Aviation Grade Aluminum. Simply slide up to 5 cards in and you’re PROTECTED! ➤ SIMPLE TO USE: Makes everyday life a breeze! Fill with desired cards and use ejection trigger for smooth easy access every time! ➤ ULTRA SLEEK: NO MORE BULK! The HYBRID wallet allows you to carry up to 5 cards with ZERO bulk and its small profile fits discreetly in your pants’ front pocket! ➤ EXCLUSIVE 3-PIECE DESIGN (HYBRID Wallet Kit ONLY): Items inside the kit can be used together or apart! Package includes RFID protecting Aluminum Card Holder (can be purchased separately), Leather Case (can be purchased separately) & Two Premium Money Clip Bands. ➤ UNIQUE GIFT: Guaranteed to raise eyebrows with this sleek stylish design. Perfect for Christmas, Birthday, Fathers Day, Anniversary, Graduation, Valentines, etc. Comes in a beautifully handcrafted PU Leather gift box. ★★★★★ Your search for the perfect wallet is finally OVER! We have a LIMITED SUPPLY of this new DESIGNER WALLET! Get yours today from AMAZON.COM exclusively. ★★★★★ Included in the box:  For 3 IN 1 HYBRID KIT – 2 Money Clip Bands, Removable Top Grain Leather Case and RFID Protecting Aluminum Card HolderFor WALLET ONLY – 2 Money Clip Bands & RFID Protecting Aluminum Card HolderFor CASE ONLY – Top Grain Leather Case(All Items in Designer Gift Box)【 GAME CHANGER 】Our superior multifunctional & EXCLUSIVE 3-piece modern design is very strong & minimal. Improves EDC (Every Day Carry) of your credit cards, cash, receipt and ID. Use the compact push button cardholder alone (4.3″ x 2.6″ inches) with FREE carbon fiber accented money clip band, OR inside the REMOVABLE FULL GRAIN CRAZY HORSE LEATHER CASE (4.3″ x 2.9″ inches). Fits great in any pants, short, shirt, or jacket pocket. BUILT TO LAST with thin rigid materials!
【 RFID BLOCKING PROTECTION 】Keep safe from thieves scanning devices. Stop living in fear that your private personal information is being stolen. Get protected NOW! Our HYBRID men’s wallet is equipped with RFID BLOCKING Technology. Designed & TESTED to block 13.56 MHz frequencies (debit & credit cards passports etc). Does NOT block 125 KHz frequencies (security access cards, hotel room keys etc). Don’t wait until it’s to late! (Avoid inferior ~ plastic ~ organizer wallet clips)
【 BUY WITH CONFIDENCE 】Do FIDELO wallets come with a warranty? YOU BET! All FIDELO designer products come with a NO RISK 1 YEAR WARRANTY! ORDER YOURS TODAY & see why many Amazon customers rate our products & customer service 5 STARS! Here’s what some of our customers have said: “Exceeded my expectations. Very well built quality product” – “Never going back to a “regular” wallet again!” – “This has been one of the best customer service experiences of my life!” – Kevin B.
【 QUICK EJECT TRIGGER 】Unlike other mechanical wallets that don’t hold cards securely & can jam often, OUR premium metal design SOLVES these problems! HOW? The HYBRID’s minimalistic design & smooth eject pop up card feature offers excellent functionality, safe card storage, and easy 1 finger access to cards. A superior user-friendly experience! FIDELO wallets for men are constructed of premium RFID BLOCKING Aviation Grade Aluminum with removable FULL GRAIN LEATHER handcrafted case.
【 ★★★★★ STARS 】Why do Amazon Customers give our products 5 star ratings? It’s simple! FIDELO mens smart wallets are high quality, functional & durable. Providing extreme longevity and style for everyday life & travel on or off the grid. Elegantly packaged in a beautiful black designer gift box. A great present for your husband, boyfriend, brother or boss. Awesome gifts for men who have everything. PLUS… we’ve got you covered with our 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!