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Iraqi Dinar American Dollar Exchange Rate

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The Economics of Exchange Rates

This book is a survey of exchange-rate economics. Using the latest econometric techniques, it covers the main theories that explain the determination of exchange rates and utilizes recent empirical data on exchange rate behavior.

THE WHEEL OF FUTUNE! #28 – Fifa 15 Ultimate Team

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EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil – PlayStation 3

Gameplay improvements from fifa 14 include dribbling, an increased accuracy in passing and first-touch mechanics. The game will feature road to the fifa world cup, a mode where players can choose from 203 national teams and play through qualification and the actual fifa world cup.

Singapore Forex Trading | Forex | Currency Converter

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Zelco X-Changer Currency Converter

Zelco’s X-Changer currency exchanger is ideal for the traveler going into multiple countries and using foreign currencies. It’s really easy to use. First, enter the currency exchange rate and press the “M” button, then press the “=” button. Next, enter the amount of foreign currency being converted and hit the “=” button again. Voilà! It displays the amount in your currency. Once those steps have been completed, the X-Changer is programmed, which means the first two steps can be skipped until entering another country or using a new currency. It’s very small, measuring 4 by 1-1/4 by 1/4 inches (height by width by depth), and very lightweight, so it won’t take up a lot of space in a day pack. The X-Changer comes with a battery, neck lanyard, and key ring. –A.J. Rathbun

Forex News: 27/01/2015 – Euro steadies after key events; US dollar awaits Fed

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Invest Diva’s Guide to Making Money in Forex: How to Profit in the World’s Largest Market

Q: Ladies, Do YOU Have What It Takes To Become A Forex Diva?
A: Yes, You Do.

With this incredible new step-by-step guide, investing pro and TV personality Kiana Danial shows you exactly how to understand and take advantage of foreign currency trading.

Years ago, the author discovered that women in Japan were making a fortune trading currencies on the foreign exchange (forex) market. These ladies were not investment professionals or financial wizards; they were ordinary individuals who simply learned how the online currency exchange market works–and mastered it. Now you can do the same. In fact, you’re about to see just how easy it can be to trade on the largest and most liquid financial market in the world.

Kiana Danial spent years studying the habits of investors and discovered that women frequently make smarter, wiser, and less-risky investment choices than their male counterparts. This is precisely why she founded–the woman’s guide to smart, safe, and profitable trading.

By tapping into women’s intuitive knack for multitasking and risk management, the author demonstrates why a woman’s natural skill sets make her uniquely equipped to reap the enormous rewards of this extremely lucrative field. Invest Diva will show you:

  • How the global currency market works
  • Why social, political, and cultural events shape trading
  • The smartest short- and long-term strategies
  • Best practices for navigating the economic calendar

Plus, you’ll learn how to identify investment opportunities and spot trends using the five points of the Invest Diva Diamond:

* Technical Analysis * Fundamental Analysis * Sentimental Analysis * Capital Analysis * Overall Analysis

From her popular blog to her worldwide TV and web presence, Danial has become famous for making complex topics fun and easy to understand via simple, everyday analogies. With Invest Diva, she shows women everywhere the stress-free way to trade currencies–without ever leaving home.

What the Boys of Wall Street don’t want you to know . . .

After years of studying the principles of the foreign currency exchange market, financial expert and financial correspondent Kiana Danial gets to the bottom of today’s most curious investment phenomenon: Why are women suddenly making a fortune trading currencies? The answer is inside this book, along with a roadmap designed to show you how and why forex can work for you.

“Kiana Danial breaks down a sophisticated foreign exchange market with memorable analogies that can help the most financially illiterate person understand and gain passion in following the markets the way Ms. Danial does.” — FAN YANG, CMT, CEO,

“A must-read if you’re considering trading any market or need to know more about trading the forex market. Kiana is an experienced market analyst and a gifted communicator whose book confirms what a lot of men are coming to realize–that women have an edge in trading because they understand the value of analyzing and planning before they risk their time and money.” — JAY NORRIS, founder, Trading University, and author of Mastering the Currency Market and Mastering Trade Selection and Management

money converter

money converter Watch my video money converter and learn how to easily convert from one currency to other. I show you how to convert Euro currency (EUR) to A…

Women’s Smartphone Clutch fits HTC Sensation XE | Includes Removable Shoulder Strap (Sienna Brown/ Classic Leopard Print

This is a refined and tasteful blend of fashion and function. This hand clutch also converts into a shoulder bag with included chain. It also features a lock-in clasp to prevent accidental phone drops. All the full wallet features are available with this smart clutch and suitable for women of all age groups!

Forex Basics for Beginners – Learn 3 Simple Trading Tips for Success In terms of Forex basics for complete beginners – the 3 trading tips in this video will help you learn currency tra…

Simple Forex Trading Formulas: Forex Trading Strategies, Tips, & Secrets For Profitable Trading

If you could design the perfect market to trade, what would it look like? One that has international exposure? High liquidity? Low-margin requirements? Smaller contracts suitable for smaller accounts? Low-cost transaction fees? Stable market prices? Predictable price movement? No directional bias? Offer the ability to go long or short with uptick requirements? No limit up or limit down rules like in the futures market? The ability to trade around the clock to match your schedule? Offer a wide variety of instruments to trade? The Forex offers all of those things and more. Each day, more than $3 trillion US dollars worth of currencies are traded daily on the Forex across the globe, round the clock. The Forex never sleeps and offers dozens of currency pairs to trade round the clock. Never before has a market been so open and transparent to Forex trading beginners or to veteran traders than in the 21st century Forex market. But, even while offering so much, forex trading for beginners can be a frustrating experience if you don’t understand what makes the Forex tick. Especially if you lack reliable Forex trading strategies which can put yourself at unnecessary risk. For example, while Forex price action is considered more stable than the equity markets, you have to understand the impact of international economic reports in Forex trading. Then, you also have to know how to navigate around the games that are played with these reports. Insiders “leak” news concerning these reports to stir up Forex price action since there is no insider trading rules in the Forex. If you understand these nuances up front before you try your hand at Forex trading then you’re less likely to fall for these head-fakes and feints by the insiders and suffer unnecessary losses. Better yet, if you have an arsenal of Forex trading tools then you’ll be able to look at the price action taking place and easily determine the trend and where you’re entry and exit points are before you ever take a position. Whether you prefer Forex scalping to swing trading or taking longer-term positions, the ability to read price action, combine effective technical indicators, and have a plan in place to control risk and maximize your profits is critical to the path of profitability in Forex trading. In the following chapters and pages, you’ll learn: – What the key economic indicators are (and how to use them). – Why it’s important to diversify your trading strategies. – A 5-step plan to maintain discipline in your trades. – What Ichinioku Clouds are and how to spot trading opportunities with them. – Comprehensive risk strategies to help insulate yourself from loss. – How to protect yourself from fraud. – How to use pivot points to spot “invisible” support and resistance levels. – The four types of price gaps to watch for and how to profit with them. – How to “ride” momentum to higher profits. – Where the financial epicenter of Forex volume is located (and it’s not in the U.S.). – How to combine the 20-day EMA and MACD into a formidable trading strategy. – Don’t have alot of money? Welcome to the world of Forex Mini-Accounts. – How to read price action with candlestick patterns. – Keep your emotions in check (not knowing this can lead to sleepless nights). – Technical price patterns and what to watch for, and what to ignore. – How to combine price action, indicators, and technical patterns to form bullet-proof trading strategies. Ready? Then go to the upper right-hand portion of the screen and click the orange “Add to Cart” button and get started now!