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Best Currency Converter for Windows Phone

Currency converter for Windows Phone is simple currency converter (or exchange rates calculator). It is focused on ease of use as well as offline usage. Onli…

Getting Started in Currency Trading: Winning in Today’s Forex Market

An accessible introduction to trading currencies

While the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market can be a very profitable place, you must have a firm understanding of how to operate within this environment if you intend on achieving any success.

That’s why you need Getting Started in Currency Trading, Third Edition. This reliable resource-written for both newcomers and those with some Forex experience-puts trading world currencies in perspective, and shows you exactly what it takes to make it in this field.

  • Guides you through the process of opening your own account as well as the actual placing and managing of currency orders
  • Offers specific trading strategies and tactics
  • A companion Web site will provide updates on brokers and FOREX services; an author’s Blog will answer your questions about all aspects of trading
  • Includes a new chapter on Forex trading platforms
  • The often confusing FOREX calculations are reduced to handy computer-side tables

On the heels of the recent market crash, this fully revised Third Edition is filled with in-depth insights and practical advice that takes into account all of the recent changes in the currency market and shows you how to profit from them.

Negócios de Sucesso – Mundo Virtual – XE Currency.

NMS IF-VC International Dual Voltage & Frequency Travel Converter (50Hz, 220V to 60Hz, 120V)

National Material Supply Co., LLC (NMS) is proud to introduce our International Frequency & Voltage Converter (IF-VC), which is a revolutionary product that allows you to use your favorite American-Made Corded Electric Shavers to shave while traveling internationally without compromising the performance of the shaver.

The IF-VC helps World Travelers look their best while using their Corded Electric Shavers internationally. The patented IF-VC automatically converts International Wall Outlet Power Frequencies & Voltages (typically 50Hz, 220V) into the correct 60Hz, 120V power specifications of Corded Electric Shavers designed for use in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

The IF-VC converts all international wall outlet power sources into the correct frequency and voltage required to give you a seamless shave with your favorite shavers that you know and trust, without the use of make-shift blade vibration dampeners and cheap travel voltage converters that simply do not work!

The IF-VC also works well with electric analog clocks, turntables, record players, etc. — that are designed for use in the United States.

Börsenhandel am 26.04.2013 im 6E (Euro/US-Dollar Future-Kontrakt)

In diesem Video sehen Sie den Börsenhandel von Marco. Er handelt nach der Methode 80/20 und setzt dabei seinen Filter ein. Mehr Informationen unter www.geleg…

Razor Pocket Mod (Betty)

The Razor Pocket Mod Betty is a miniature electric euro-style scooter. The Pocket Mod Betty can travel up to 10 miles on a single charge. At speeds up to 15 MPH the Pocket Mod Betty leaves similar bikes in its dust. Scaled down classic scooter design carries riders up to 220 lbs. Variable speed, chain driven motor for maximum power transfer. Large 12″ pneumatic tires and rear suspension for a smooth ride. retractable kickstand.